Earning Money from Home with Profit Accumulator

I have said it before and I will say it again; having a new born baby and a toddler is the pinch point of your financial lives. You are there with one parent hopefully working while the other stays at home.

They may be able to work part time but if they do there may well be the need for childcare which shockingly is as expensive as the most highly paid job yet the pay is abysmal. We have been in this exact position and times were hard until we discovered matched betting online.

Originally we were looking for something my wife could do from home. I already earn an ok wage but I am taxed fully. My wife on the other hand is working one day a week and has plenty of her tax free allowance free so we thought if she could find something to do from home we would be on to a winner. What we found was even better, which was one of the profit accumualtor reviews on how to earn money from home in the day or evenings.

Matched Betting is where you use the free bets offered by bookmakers to make a guaranteed profit no matter who wins or loses. The best thing for us those was that it was tax free. That is because it isn’t considered an income like other jobs are. It is considered by the government to be gambling even though it isn’t really gambling as you know you will make a profit.


It works by placing in such a way that it qualifies you for a free bet. You then use this to make the profit. So say for example you were betting on a football match you would want to find a match where the odds of team A winning is close to the odds of time A not winning. Remember that not winning means team B win or they draw. If you get this situation you can guarantee a win.

So say you need to place a £10 bet to qualify you for a £30 free bet you simply place the £10 on team A to win while placing your own money on the team not to win with another bookies. If you set it up right no matter what the result you will get that free bet. You may lose a few pennies but you get the free bet and place that right and you are a winner no matter who loses.

Once you have the free bet you do the same thing again. You place the £30 on a team to win while you place your own money on the team not to win with a different bookmaker. No matter which bet wins it covers the cost of the other bet and makes you a profit.

I used www.simplyhow.co.uk to show me the ins and outs. They recommend a company who offer the free bets in an easy to understand way as well as offering advice on how to make the most of the bet. They even suggest matches to use and a calculator allowing you to work out what amounts need to be placed.

I have used this for a while now and unlike with a second job this doesn’t get taxed. This means I don’t need to make as much as I would if it was a second income. If you are a family that needs extra income this is a great way to do it. It is tax free, done from your own home, on your own laptop and in your own time. What could be more perfect than that?