The Popularity of Petrol RC Cars

With so many rules and regulations governing today’s road users it means driving Petrol RC Cars from SimplyRC, is not hardly as much fun as you would like it to be. Anyone with a really fast high powered vehicle finds that there is nowhere where they can test it for speed without being pulled over by the long arm of the law. This is just one of the reasons why there is such a tremendous amount of interest in remote controlled cars from both adults and children alike. Everyone gets a sense of the actuality of driving.


Radio controlled cars, sometimes referred to as Simplyrc’s Petrol RC cars, have worldwide popularity with an evolution that has increased tremendously during recent years. They are available in all sizes and shapes from large mock 4 wheel drive units which can travel over virtually any terrain right down to very small racing cars. In today’s modern world with its reliable wireless technology more fun can be had with these cars than ever before.

Remote controlled cars are usually battery operated although the type of battery used is a distance from those found in your standard torch for example. The batteries used are extremely high powered and are rechargeable so that you will save yourself some money. Additionally they are far more environmentally friendly than the standard battery referred to above. Some cars will be fueled using nitro fuel but this can prove dangerous because of its power so should you be sharing your hobby with the children you should stay with the battery operated models.

As some enthusiasts may remember the advent of the remote controlled cars had the cars driven with the aid of a hand held remote control and the vehicle simply ran at the end of a cord. Today, wireless technology enables the driver to drive a good distance away from them with no tether whatsoever. With the battery tucked away inside the car the user controls all the movements.

Remote control cars and vehicles can be easily purchased on the internet although many high streets have very professional hobby outlets where you can of course see the actual model ‘face to face’.

Some enthusiasts prefer to build their own models either from a kit or by buying all the various parts and building there own vehicle. This is not something that everyone can manage but for those who are able it can be very rewarding.

The remote control car hobby is ideal for the whole family with everyone getting involved with building and driving. This hobby is ideal with fun for all concerned and quality time being spent together.